Meet Amy

Hi, I’m Amy Beth! I’m 31 years young. I grew up a small town country girl turned suburban girl living outside of Syracuse, NY. I grew up with a love for fashion and shopping. I have a degree in Business & Merchandising and have over 10 years of experience in the retail industry. I’ve worked as a sales associate, visual merchandiser, manager and currently am an operations administrator.

Once I graduated college I began to write advice on how to shop smart, this came from a need I saw from customers. I wanted them to truly understand everything about retail from knowing the right time to buy clothes to enjoying the process of clothes shopping. From there, I gained interest in writing about lifestyle topics such as: fitness, food, self-love, organization, finances and more.

I’ll be sharing my tips on these lifestyle topics that will provide you with a realistic lifestyle that can be incorporated into your own life. What inspired me to start this blog is to encourage people to make their life simpler by providing smart style tips to make life easier.

I hope you will join me on this journey and smile along the way!

Please feel free to email me for any collaborations/questions on my contact page. I hope this blog inspires you to try new things in your everyday life and you join me on this journey as I share my advice with you.

❤ Always,
Amy Beth




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