A Thank You Letter to my Mom on Mother’s Day

Thank you, Mom, for showing me discipline by putting me in dance. It taught me to show up to class early, work with a team, remember a routine week after week, be reliable to others and it taught me to get in front of an audience and smile. Today, it reminds me that hard work always pays off.

Thank you, Mom, for always taking an interest in my life.

For all day shopping trips since I was a little girl and telling me that everything, I try on looks good on me. I never would have been interested in fashion if it weren’t for those trips.

For making me realize teachers are people too.

For listening to how my days were even if they were hard ones but then giving me advice on what to do.

For always sending me birthday cards.

For reminding me it’s better to be alone than in a bad relationship. This made me unafraid to live completely alone.

For understanding my choices and decisions.

For never leaving the car before finishing singing a great song.

Thank You, Mom, for teaching me to laugh during this crazy life of ours. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day ❤

A Love Letter to Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

You put your life on the line for everyone in the world to see. You create content that feeds your soul but that you know can help others. You share your personal stories; the good, difficult and personal. Every story you share will help other’s change their lives. Sharing any type of experience, you’ve endured takes courage and you have that. It’s telling yourself that you know you are not alone in what you’ve gone through. Your experience will not be the same as someone else’s, but you are a brave, strong and confident woman to share your story.

You take the positive and negative feedback along with the criticism. Everyone can give you their opinion but remember it’s only an opinion. What’s important is that you stand by your work. The work takes time, patience and thought. A new idea will appear from nowhere and must be acted upon, because if not it will continue to be manifested until released. Once released the idea may have grown from something small to more than you could have dreamed. Let go of any negative self-talk that says you can’t or shouldn’t do something and just start, that’s when all the ideas will flow. The creative process is an amazing art and it should never be washed down as if it doesn’t matter.

And you know those dreams you’ve had about the content you want to create? You should go create them. Stand up for your dreams. Be persistent in writing them all out, plan when you’ll make them happen and execute them. If you don’t, they are only dreams. Dreams were meant to become your reality, if you choose to listen to them. Visualize yourself within your dreams and take action. Dreams are your inner fantasies waiting to be released into the world. By sharing them, you open the gates to a world of people, to help them think differently and change their lives.

Being an influencer means reaching people all over the world with your work, which means you’ll gain friends from everywhere. Meeting your new friends is the best part about being an influencer because you can support each other in your work. Knowing someone else in the world can relate to what you’re going through because they’ve experienced situations like yours is important. However, not everyone will enjoy your work and that is okay, because the people who’ll stand behind you, will love you for you. This means you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. In fact, the more authentic you are, the more your personality will shine through. People will love you for you, so embrace those thoughts that keep running through your mind and put them into action. The harder you work at your dreams, the more likely you are to keep going. Remember, if no one ever executed their dreams, this world would be boring, so keep on making a difference.

Love Always, Amy Beth

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