Motivational Monday: My Tips for a Positive Morning Mindset

My Tips for a Positive Morning Mindset

I know it can be difficult to get out of bed some mornings, especially on days when you don’t feel like it, don’t feel good or didn’t get a good night’s sleep. For the past five years I would figure out what time I had to leave for work and how long it takes me to get ready which includes eating breakfast, set my alarm for the exact time and get up. During those days I was tired, not wanting to go to work and didn’t start my day on a positive note.

Over the past few years I’ve found several podcasts through Instagram that I enjoy which include-Style Your Mind by Cara Alwill Leyba, Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder, Becoming Fearless by Annie Spano, The Angie Lee Show by Angie Lee and Rise podcast by Rachel Hollis. I began to wake up at the same time every day but would turn on one of these podcasts and listen to them in the morning (and sometimes continued listening on my commute to work). Listening to such inspiring podcasts in the morning made me happy and started my day with a positive mindset. The more I listened to these podcasts the longer I’d want to sit and listen to them in bed. So, I began each morning getting up earlier to eat breakfast in bed while listening to them. I’d finish eating and just sit in bed until I knew I had to get up. While listening in bed, I’d take in everything and think about what their words meant for my own life. The point of any motivational podcast is to be relatable to your own life. I encourage you all to find a podcast you can listen to in the morning that best relates to your life. If you use any of my recommendations, please let me know! I’d love to chat about them! 😊

Other than podcasts, there are some mornings where all I want to do is have a dance party. When I was growing up, I would wake up an hour and a half before the bus came and for much of my morning, I would be in my bedroom with the door closed and blast my boom box (omg I feel old for writing those two words, haha!) playing songs that made me dance. Not much has changed since my childhood of love for music. So, I’ll go YouTube and play songs I love that make me want to get out of bed and dance-like George Michael’s Faith. I listen to everything from 80’s, 90’s and music from my favorite movies, like I Say A Little Prayer for You from My Best Friend’s Wedding (sometimes I’ll find the movie clip and watch it while singing to it). I turn on the song before I even get out of bed. Just hearing the music makes me want to get out of bed to dance. I play songs that make me dance from the time I get out of bed while getting ready until I walk out the door for work then I continue the dance party in my car while driving to work by finding songs I enjoy listening to.

Each morning when I wake up, I can recognize if I’m in the mood for music or to listen to a podcast or both. Most podcasts are under an hour long, so if you wake up early enough you can have time for both. No matter what is going on in my life, listening to podcasts and music always sets the tone for a positive morning. These two things are meant to make you happy and feel good about yourself so that is how you should begin each morning. ❤

Here’s a few more tips I came up with to make your morning positive:
1.Dancing to music 2. Eat Breakfast 3. Get Out of Bed Earlier Than Expected-even if it’s just a half hour 4. Work on your hobby 5. Post something positive to social media for your friends to see.

What makes you start your morning on a positive note? Let me know in the comments below or on social media @stylestomakeyousmile

Author: stylestomakeyousmile

My mission is to provide realistic lifestyle tips to everyone. Everything from tips on blogging advice, meal prepping, but most importantly, motivation. Each Monday I share a Motivational Monday post that is a lesson I’ve learned throughout the week, that I believe should be shared with you all, my community. My hope is that these lessons will manifest into a positive mindset. I want people to recognize that you can have a happy, healthy and positive mindset and lifestyle. If you’re wondering where this motivational mindset came from, it has grown out of years of negative mindset. I was believing lies people told me about myself (one of them being I have no confidence). Until one day when I decided I needed to change myself and be a better version of me. I then began working out regularly, managing my money, eating foods my body craves, listening to what my body needed every single day-rest, work or a dance party while getting ready for the day, writing daily and surrounding my life with people who motivate me (especially through online communities!). I hope you find this community I’ve curated a place for you to learn more about yourselves. It will be motivational and supportive as we all walk our own journey of life together by providing a realistic lifestyle. Remember: You are NOT the lies people tell you. YOU are the person you BECOME. Follow all my realistic lifestyle tips on social media-Facebook and Instagram: @stylestomakeyousmile <3 Always, Amy Beth

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