Motivational Monday: The Power of YOU

Before I began blogging I had read a lot of posts from some of my favorite bloggers that said to not compare yourself to other bloggers. They always talked about not worrying about your follower count, content being similar to other bloggers, etc. You have to gain an audience that enjoys your writing style for you and not because something is a hot topic to write about. You have to remember to be happy for your small successes first. And that if you put in the hard work, people will continue to listen to you just because you’re being yourself.
Not comparing yourself to others can be relatable on so many levels of life as it can be easy to make yourself question about the things you’re doing vs. what someone else is doing. This all comes down to recognizing that NO ONE ELSE IS YOU. Only you have your own ideas that you can bring to the table. Your uniqueness is what sets you apart from everyone else. No one else will speak the way you do or speak for you, know the things you know and have learned. If you can be yourself all of the time, it will show no matter what you do in life or what you’re working toward. As long as you can be honest, show authenticity and be yourself, that is what will attract the right people who will stick by you in the long.
Please let me know in the comments how you show people your authentic side. Happy Monday!

Author: stylestomakeyousmile

My mission is to provide realistic lifestyle tips to everyone. Everything from tips on blogging advice, meal prepping, but most importantly, motivation. Each Monday I share a Motivational Monday post that is a lesson I’ve learned throughout the week, that I believe should be shared with you all, my community. My hope is that these lessons will manifest into a positive mindset. I want people to recognize that you can have a happy, healthy and positive mindset and lifestyle. If you’re wondering where this motivational mindset came from, it has grown out of years of negative mindset. I was believing lies people told me about myself (one of them being I have no confidence). Until one day when I decided I needed to change myself and be a better version of me. I then began working out regularly, managing my money, eating foods my body craves, listening to what my body needed every single day-rest, work or a dance party while getting ready for the day, writing daily and surrounding my life with people who motivate me (especially through online communities!). I hope you find this community I’ve curated a place for you to learn more about yourselves. It will be motivational and supportive as we all walk our own journey of life together by providing a realistic lifestyle. Remember: You are NOT the lies people tell you. YOU are the person you BECOME. Follow all my realistic lifestyle tips on social media-Facebook and Instagram: @stylestomakeyousmile <3 Always, Amy Beth

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