What I’ve Learned in One Month of Blogging

MM-Happiness vs. Passion

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I’ve launched my blog. I thought I’d share what I did before I started my blog, what I’ve learned and things I’m still working on. If you didn’t do the things I did before I started my blog, you can start now!

Before I began my blog:
I researched A LOT! I searched everything I could think of about blogging on YouTube; what equipment to use, what is SEO, and a bloggers life to name a few. I would watch videos in the mornings before work. I listened to two Podcasts: The Influencer Podcast and The Becoming Fearless Podcast after work while cooking and doing dishes. I watched Live Instagram videos after work and during lunch and I watched free webinars on the weekends and took notes. I did all of this because I wanted to know how others were so successful at blogging and how I can be too.
I tried the WordPress website for free-I used the WordPress domain before purchasing my domain. This was so I could get used to using the site before I launched it to the world. Having a lot of things in place before launching benefited me, so that I could then work on other things the day of launching-like my Facebook page. I had my picture taken, a Welcome page, a background picture and two posts written and published beforehand.

I began an Instagram account two months prior to launching my blog (I heard this tip from more than one influencer in the blogging world). This helped determine if I enjoyed posting pictures every day AND if I liked the public to see what I was posting (prior to this I’ve never had any public accounts).

Things I’ve learned:
I love going to cafés just to get posts written for my blog (and buy a smoothie). I’ve found that I can zone into my work and work quickly (the pressure of getting work done before the café closes helps to work fast, even if I’m there for three hours, I treat it like a countdown). I also love working from home so I can cast YouTube music videos on my TV while writing my blog posts.
The only person who will promote yourself the most is you, so if you publish a post on your blog, promote it to your social channels so they can view it.

Things I’m still working on:
Creating an editorial calendar and sticking to it. I’ve tried to plan with a physical calendar and with an excel spreadsheet. Neither of these have stuck with me, yet. I feel like I need something to see visually every day that is inspiring. I’ve seen the idea of a white out board, does this work for anyone else?

Along with the editorial calendar comes with making sure every post is ready for the week-this is important if you have a very busy personal life or if some weeks are busier than others-planning is key! Use the calendar to plan a month’s worth of blog posts before this I would just determine in my mind what I would write about and then write and schedule it on the weekends.

Managing social channels-For now I have Facebook and Instagram and I’ve heard influencers say to work mainly in the channels you’re interested in. But one of the main reasons I picked WordPress as my blogging platform is to engage with the community, so I also have to be following, commenting and liking posts. I also just joined Style Collective so I have to keep up with those girls too. While this sounds like a lot, I really do love engaging with others in the blogging community. It’s finding the time to properly engage with everyone that I need to balance-I do most of this on my free weekends. Anyone have any free tips on this?
Diving into new social channels can be a little intimidating but I know that I want to try Pintrest because of all the beautiful inspiration!


I’d love to read in the comments what you did before you started your blog, what you learned and are still working on.

Author: stylestomakeyousmile

My mission is to provide realistic lifestyle tips to everyone. Everything from tips on blogging advice, meal prepping, but most importantly, motivation. Each Monday I share a Motivational Monday post that is a lesson I’ve learned throughout the week, that I believe should be shared with you all, my community. My hope is that these lessons will manifest into a positive mindset. I want people to recognize that you can have a happy, healthy and positive mindset and lifestyle. If you’re wondering where this motivational mindset came from, it has grown out of years of negative mindset. I was believing lies people told me about myself (one of them being I have no confidence). Until one day when I decided I needed to change myself and be a better version of me. I then began working out regularly, managing my money, eating foods my body craves, listening to what my body needed every single day-rest, work or a dance party while getting ready for the day, writing daily and surrounding my life with people who motivate me (especially through online communities!). I hope you find this community I’ve curated a place for you to learn more about yourselves. It will be motivational and supportive as we all walk our own journey of life together by providing a realistic lifestyle. Remember: You are NOT the lies people tell you. YOU are the person you BECOME. Follow all my realistic lifestyle tips on social media-Facebook and Instagram: @stylestomakeyousmile <3 Always, Amy Beth

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned in One Month of Blogging”

  1. I loved and enjoyed this post! I started my blog years ago and I paid for my domain through godaddy.com so my site may change a little until I decide what I’m going to do. The deal was it came with word press hosting but I have to be signed into one or the other and they both work differently. I can do things on GoDaddy I can’t do on word press and I can do things on WordPress I can’t do their vice versa. I wish I would have planned mine out like this. I need to find a way to be consistent too. I know a blogger she writes a scheduled post I’ve thought about that and she will be 3 months out in a post, but I would feel if someone asks or commented I wouldn’t remember what I wrote. That has happened to her when I’ve asked. What is your U-tube channel? Mine is Life With Vicky and that’s another project I’m trying to learn to be consistent about. I just ordered a new Minolta camera and the editing I can’t get down either and a lot of the editing software is so expensive. I also need to find a way to generate income but I really enjoyed your post and let me know your U-tube and mine is Life With Vicky. I think I ahve ten subscribers lol but it takes time and I’m writing the blog post now I have nominated you for ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD. You’ll see the post and rules when I hit publish! Happy Easter and love the post, and your blog! HAng in there with us! #WEWRITE

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    1. I’m so happy this post about blogging was helpful! I’m planning to write more posts on this topic 🙂 Def. didn’t know that about Go Daddy, so thanks for sharing! I agree that if I wrote that far in advanced I wouldn’t remember exactly what I’d written and I’d have to go back to reread the post. It’s great tho that she plans that far in advance! I don’t have a YouTube Channel yet but that’s something I’d like to work on for the future. I will def. check out your channel!
      Thanks SO much for the nomination!! I appreciate it! Please let me know when it goes live so I can say thank you again ❤
      Happy Easter to you, too! Will def. hang in there! It's a fun ride 🙂 ❤


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